Besan flour face mask: DIY beauty mask

When I was a teenager I wanted to use the fancy colourful shampoos and face washes instead of the homemade treatments that my mom made for me. But these days I find myself reverting back to my roots for healthy hair and skin. I have started using natural masks for my skin, an ayurvedic soap for bath and an ayurvedic mixture for my hair. While these home remedies take longer to work, they are also much better for you in the long run. We use unreasonable number of chemicals in our daily life, while I cannot avoid eating vegetables/fruits with chemicals, I am trying to reduce the use of these chemicals wherever possible in my life.

Garbanzo bean flour or chick pea flour is made from chick peas and is called besan/channa atta in Hindi. Besan has been used for skin treatments since centuries. It is a natural exfoliating agent and helps reduce the oil secretion. The mask is made of besan, milk/honey, lemon juice and turmeric powder. Lemon juice adds some acidity to the mask and is a natural bleaching agent, turmeric powder in a small pinch helps reduce oil secretion from the skin and is an anti-inflammatory agent, finally milk and honey helps bind the flour together and also acts as moisturizer for the skin.

Besan Atta

Our skin is like a sponge and absorbs all the pollution and dust from the environment which in addition to the effects of the sun causes breakouts, pimples and also excessive tanning. My Indian skin tans easily and combined with the pollution becomes dirty and oily. This besan face mask helps remove the unwanted dirt and oil from the skin thus letting your natural beauty shimmer out! This mask has also been used to remove unwanted facial hair for centuries, when hair removal techniques were sparse.


2 tsp gram flour/besan

1 tsp milk

½ tsp honey (optional)

1/4th of freshly squeezed lemon/lime for juice

a pinch of turmeric powder/haldi

Avoid any of these ingredients if you are allergic to them.

Adding all the ingredients
Adding all the ingredients


Add everything in a small bowl and mix it to form a thick paste. Wet your face and apply the mask in gentle circular motions until it covers your face except the eye area. Let it dry, don’t talk or smile too much while the mask is on. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face with cold water or wipe it off gently with a wet wash cloth. Apply the mask twice a week and see the results.

mix the ingredients to form a thick paste
mix the ingredients to form a thick paste

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