Just Imagine!


Imagination is a powerful tool, and a fantastic gift. If you can imagine it, you can have it. It makes you see ordinary everyday things as something extraordinary and exotic. For example, seeing a bridge on a foggy rain soaked evening, and you can imagine yourself standing on a foggy street in a time far away from your own, waiting for a horse driven carriage to whisk you away! I love visiting historic ancient ruins and palaces, because I imagine I am standing in a different time when I was surrounded not by the ruins but the actual sites.

Last year I visited some old palaces of Mughal kings and queens in Agra, India. If you get away from the crowds and listen carefully, you can imagine the fading echoes of the laughter of the women who lived in those palaces centuries ago, you can imagine the kings holding courts in the traditional garbs and the women sitting and watching the proceedings from their private wings. Imagination brings an additional layer to your experience, whether it is visiting an old palace or walking on the street listening to a song. It can take you to places unseen and can introduce you to the people you would otherwise never meet. Never stop imagining, it makes things beautiful and possible. Like the road less traveled which could lead to something beautiful.



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