This winter has been long, brutal and trying one in Boston with record snow fall in the history. I had never believed in terms like winter blues and seasonal depression, but this winter I had it all, days when it was tough to even get out of the bed, days when it felt like the cold was not just outside but in my very being, and days when it felt like I could never be happy again. But March second week arrived and we began to thaw gradually. It feels like the spring is slowly trying to push its way in. We had couple of good days last week and then again since yesterday crazy winds, rain, hail and more crazy winds. Winter doesn’t loosen her grip on us until mid-April, and the howling wind outside is showing the Spring who is the reigning queen right now! And like a good resident I am learning to accept the Boston winter wrath while I wait for Spring to show some gumption and push the Winter out.

To avoid falling back on the similar pattern of blues I started thinking about rains, not the winter ones that chill your bone, but the warm summer rains which uplift your heart and make your blood sing with happiness. My thoughts took me to the warm monsoons of Bombay that were my constant companions all throughout my childhood; to the rains of my teenage years which I spent mooning about a boy while listening to the rain patter on my window pane and finally to the summer rains of my adult years which remind me of the number of years I have been away from home. The monsoons of my childhood are made up of countless memories of getting soaked in the rain on my way home or on my way to the school, or just because I wanted to! I remember when we would take a walk around the neighbourhood in torrential rains, trying to eat our ice creams before they could melt away and laughing like lunatics when we couldn’t see because of rain streaming in our eyes. While the rains itself feel amazing, my most favorite part of monsoons, is the aroma of sun scorched earth when it receives the first drops of rain like blessings. And of course those lazy afternoons spent in the company of a book, couch and mom’s gossip while it is raining outside are as memorable as the feeling of those warm drops on your skin. These happy memories are keeping me warm while I wait for the spring to thaw me-inside out.

It is the nature of seasons to keep on changing and still stay the same year after year. And just like that, while everything remains the same, everything keeps on changing. It is the hope of a warmer and a better tomorrow that keeps me going and walking through life even when everything around me keeps on changing.