Another year ends…

Yet another year draws to an end. Say good-bye to 2014 and welcome to 2015. But does the passing of time mean anything to you other than changing of dates in the calendar? Have you tried to become a better person than what you were in the past? Every year I ask myself one question,how will I be different in the coming year, and will I be better or still the same old me. 2014 brought the usual humdrum, I spent 6 glorious weeks with my family- extremely precious memories, it brought loss of a loved one and surprising heartbreaks and regrets. This year has taught me a lot about myself, and is leaving me with some very important lessons to learn and very important decisions to make. It has also taught me that my burden of cynicism and defensiveness is getting a little to heavy to carry and I should probably exchange my load with some lightness and optimism! Hopefully the lessons learnt will be put to good use. Here’s to hoping that everyone has a great year ahead! I pray and hope that the incoming year brings you happiness, health and strength.


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