While we all know that life is hurtling through time towards one final destination, but we still fear that ultimate destination. We still hurt so much when we lose a loved one. Our entire life comprises of running; for success, for money, for that one promotion and the raise. We are always in the rat race, always planning our lives but never living it. We miss out on family gatherings, birthdays, graduations, because we had that important meeting, or that important experiment. We know we will never be able to carry our material belongings with us after death-there is no need for that fancy car or shoes in that ultimate destination. We leave this earth just the way we came; with nothing. All that is ultimately left of our existence is the people we leave behind and a lifetime of regret that they will feel, after all it is the living that suffer not the dead. After losing a loved one, we go back to our rat race, back to running and earning a living, but with our hearts heavier than ever, weighed down with regrets. All our sadness and regret in the world cannot bring back the ones we love, because unfortunately outside of sci-fi books time moves unilaterally in one direction. Time does what it does the best-it marches on. Soon our lives get back to normal, but with a hole in life that never fills up; not even with regret. So sometimes all you can do is continue living your life, but living it to the fullest, because if you are not pleasing everyone, you have to make sure you are pleasing yourself. Sometimes regrets aren’t only for others, they are for yourself too. And sometimes, all you can do is, find your rhythm and march on with time.


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