Conversational Gambit!

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For someone as talkative as me, talking for only four minutes is a little difficult. Could a room full of strangers be interested in knowing about a confused Indian expat? I would say definitely yes, would I be interested in disclosing myself to a bunch of strangers, not really, as some things are better left unsaid. But if my years of working have taught me anything it is the art of small talk. Small talks – they are a great conversational tool; whether you are trying to prevent awkward glances in the elevator, when you are sitting with your boss at the company meetings, or when you are having a dinner alone by yourself sitting at a bar, or trying to mingle with a room full of strangers! I enjoy small talks with strangers, if listened carefully they tell you a lot about a person.

This is what I would do when if I were to enter a room of strangers; grab something to drink or eat and then scope around the place, looking for friendly faces to join in. On finding a good group, I would try and listen to the conversation for a bit. Then give my input to the topic and when I have their attention, introduce myself with my complicated Indian name. There would definitely be more than couple of “Excuse mes!” on hearing my name, with most people asking me to spell it or slowly pronounce it. Since it’s an exotic name there will be few requests for the meaning, and then some background information will follow. This will easily take up 2-3 minutes, which is usually enough to break ice.

These four minutes are good enough for superficial introductions. Any more information than this will not happen until it is a more personal introduction. After all a mere four minute personal conversation is better than 4 hours of online chatter that everyone indulges into these days.


3 thoughts on “Conversational Gambit!

  1. “After all a mere four minute personal conversation is better than 4 hours of online chatter that everyone indulges into these days.” ??????

    Depends on how good the “chatter” is. I once had a 9 hour Skype conversation and he never lost my interest! He’s my sweetie to this day. Since we live 1500 miles apart, those Skype conversations still take place daily, but we’ve never broken that record! Judy

    1. I agree, it depends on the people involved. What I meant was that human connection has reduced so much, most people will indulge in online chat instead of meeting up. Of course if you are miles apart meet up isn’t always possible! You are one of the luckier ones Judy, to talk for 9 hours and not have someone bore you!! :))

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