Nightmare Jobs!

Daily Challenge

There are a couple of jobs which I don’t think I ever handle. I think any jobs that require me to make on the spot life and death decisions are pretty much beyond me.

  • Doctors: At one time I desperately wanted to become a doctor. When I couldn’t clear the medical entrance exams I was bitterly disappointed and then opted for pharmaceutical sciences instead. I held on to my disappointment for a long time, until one day I realized that I am easily freaked out if I am responsible to make someone’s life and death decisions.
  • Military: I am sure I couldn’t do anything that will require me to point a gun at an unknown enemy and start shooting. Killing an enemy that you can’t see takes a tremendous amount of courage, even with the knowledge that if you don’t kill, the enemy might kill you first.
  • President/Prime Minister in a democracy: There is no chance of my ever being this! But the possibility that at one command from you, people will do your bidding and then ask you for explanations, is too much to handle. That kind of power while intoxicating to some, is just suffocating for me. Today’s high commands are answerable to the present as well as future generations. The quote, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown!” says it all!

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