End of an Era

Daily Post-Off the Shelf

I love re-reading books. Even though I have a ‘to-be read’ list stretching a mile long, I like to think that I can take time out to re-read the books I have loved. Yes, you can’t look at the book with fresh eyes anymore, but I re-read to re-capture the essence of the book and sometimes to remind myself of my own thoughts and feelings the first time I read the book.

The one that would be on my first re-read list would be Yuganta by Iravati Karve. It was recommended to me by someone whose tastes and opinions matter a lot to me. Yuganta literally meaning ‘end of an era/epoch’ was originally written in Marathi (Indian language) and then translated to English. Yuganta is an analysis of Mahabharata by Dr. Iravati Karve. It presents a complete analytical picture of the characters and personalities in Mahabharata. Her analysis on concept of Hinduism as a religion which used to be modern in ancient times and its current regression in the modern times is very enlightening.

My second re-read would be The Class by Eric Segal. I have re-read it twice before, but there’s something about that book which touches my heart. It reiterates for me the concept that our hi-flying education doesn’t teach anything of importance like friendships, kindness, and ability to accept failure.

I hope I get a chance for these re-reads soon!


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