Dreams Unlimited

While you are going through your daily life just working or whatever, and you suddenly realize that you were probably meant to do something else in life. While growing up all of us have different dreams and aspirations. There are those lucky few who manage to convert their childhood dreams into their adult careers and be happy about it. Most of us follow the herd and find something which will translate into a career to make a decent living while all the time pining for something else.

The other day I was talking to a friend who always wanted to get into tennis, but then eventually settled into a safer choice of getting into a career in science, which if nothing would definitely pay her bills. While growing up some of us want to be astronauts, actors, cricketers, maybe scientists. Some of us are good at music, at drawing, love animals and think of becoming vets, good at designing etc. But hardly anyone thinks to convert these loves and dreams into a career. Usually the adults tells us that drawing, writing, music are good as hobbies but are not going to provide food to you. And we usually just go with the flow, hardly bothering to protest unless we are very passionate about something, and frankly at that age you are not bothered to be passionate about anything. We grow up to be engineers, scientists, doctors and along the way our hobbies and other aspirations just fall behind, unable to compete with our “mainstream” careers. But then as you grow older you realize, “Oh boy, I was so good at this….what would have happened if I would have stuck to my guns and made this into my profession?” By then it is usually too late to make these things into your careers. Then maybe on some lazy Sunday morning you can think about what ifs and shake your head.

Though in my opinion the best part about having mainstream careers is, it gives you funds to hone your childhood dreams. Funds to maybe finally try and realize them, and you might just realize that you are better or worse than you originally thought you were. If you are better, then great…you have something to escape your daily world from, and if not, then it’s good that you didn’t quit your day job! None of us can see into the future, just contemplate on our pasts. Life’s all about making the best choices you can at that moment in time. And then sometimes, it is good to just think ‘what if’ and have a rosy picture in your mind than to have your childhood aspirations shatter around you.


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