I grew up in a female dominated household with a whole bunch of sisters. With one older sister and older female cousins, it wasn’t surprising that when I was in high school; I used to pine for an older brother. My fascination with an older brother was so that someone would give me fast rides on bikes and introduce me to his friends. Though in retrospect, it seems as if I was fascinated with the idea of a brother because I was surrounded by estrogen all the time and wanted a change-I went to a girl’s school, hence only had girl friends, and was surrounded by sisters and aunts all the time!

But as I grew older I realized having an older sister was so amazing. As I grew up my sister changed from my older sister to my idol, and from my idol to my best friend and confidante. As I grew older our difference of 6 years started shrinking and today she is my partner in crime and my shield against my parent’s wrath (which I used to and still do incur on regular basis as I am the rebellious one in the family!) She taught me to be sincere about my studies, responsible in conduct and she taught me how to be a good daughter (though I am not sure how successful she has been in trying to make me a good daughter!) J When I threw tantrums around because I couldn’t understand Math she patiently sat down and taught me everything. She is the one who came running with my biology supplies because I was clever enough to forget my supplies at home on the day of biology lab exam!

Having an elder sister makes life beautiful and easy. She is the one who faces your parents, she’s the one who gets yelled at because she’s supposed to be elder and more understanding. Being the younger one, you get to learn from her mistakes, so that you don’t make the same in life. She is your surrogate mother, your friend, your idol all rolled into one! It doesn’t matter how many best friends you have, but no one gets you like your sister. She’s the one who knows you and your dark secrets and still loves you. And when she has a family of her own, you realize that she won’t be able to give you as much time and there will be times when you won’t be able to meet her for months, times when you won’t be able to talk to her for days…but just knowing that she’s there for you makes life easier.


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