Celebratory days fads

Today is Mother’s day and everyone is posting about it! Such celebratory days always amuse me-Father’s day, friendship day, valentine’s day, sister’s day, uncle’s day, aunt’s day, boss’s day and what not!

Check out Facebook today, and everyone will have changed their profile pictures to those with their mothers, with elaborate messages about the importance of their mother is in their life and their love for her! Of course, it is not enough to tell this to your mother, you have to proclaim it to the whole world, because after all unless you declare your love on Facebook it isn’t said to be real. Probably for most of these people their mothers are not interested in being on facebook so they will never see all that virtual love their kids shower on them. The same thing will happen on father’s day and then on national sister’s days and friendship days! I even had an absolute random stranger wishing me ‘Happy Mother’s day’ in the elevator-as if it is a national holiday -and then become extremely rude to me when I said ‘Thank you, I guess?’-as if I had told him to have an Unhappy New Year!!

The point of matter is Mother’s day or Father’s day is not a national holiday. Yes, it is the day you tell your parent, how awesome they are, and what a wonderful job they have done raising you. You can do these things in private daily, you don’t need a single day in a year to tell them that. At the risk of dating myself we never celebrated such days while growing up! For me, the important thing is you don’t need special days to remind you the special people in your life. Your parents have given you life and made you to be the person you are today. They live inside you not just emotionally but also physically, in every gene of every cell! The love of your life/husband are one of the most important people in your lives, so you celebrate and are happy to be with them for 1 special day of the year…what about the other 364?? These are the people who make you, mould you and to dedicate and celebrate just one day is kind of unfair.

Telling your parent/significant other ‘Love you’ in private everyday will be more appreciated than proclaiming it on Facebook to your or 1000+ friends one day of the year. It is especially funny when your parents don’t even have a Facebook account and have no idea that you are proclaiming your love so publicly!