Instruments of Darkness

This is the first book in the Westerman and Crowther series by Imogen Robertson, set in 18th century England. It is a thrilling historical fiction about a country estate trying to protect its secrets at all costs and duo (Westerman and Crowther) determined to unearth every single one of them. It swings back and forth from London to Sussex county.

Mrs. Westerman is an unconventional mistress of Caveley estate and Mr. Crowther is a reclusive, brilliant anatomist in the village. The book begins with Mrs. Westerman discovering a dead body in her estate gardens and asking Mr. Crowther for help as an expert. Before the duo has had chance to investigate the first murder more bodies start piling up. At the same time in a small shop in London a man is killed leaving behind two orphans. Mrs. Westerman and Crowther are on a race against time trying to investigate the murders and prevent more people from dying.

Imogen Robertson has created a wonderful period drama. Her writing style is poetic and beautiful. Her writing fluidity is apparent when you read the suspense scenes. I have read many good authors who fumble when writing a fight or a thrilling scene. But Robertson has no such problem with her excellent command over her writing. She has also created two very good characters in Mrs. Westerman and Crowther. While Mrs. Westerman confused me initially, eventually I really liked the strong woman character that she has portrayed. The other characters of Michaels, Rachel, Bridges were also well written.

There are 4 more books in this series and I am going to start reading them all.

Look forward to more reviews!


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