Death of a character

TV shows and books provide a brief respite in our sometimes tedious lives. Considering the number of shows and the number of seasons they run for, getting attached to the show is inevitable. Because these characters come into our living room once a week for 6-8 months (or everyday for hours if you are Netflix addicted like me) you sometimes forget that they are just fictitious characters. If there is a bigger disappointment than your favorite show getting cancelled, it’s your favorite character getting killed off. While you eventually do realize that it’s just a character and you will see your favorite actor in other shows, for those brief moments it really hurts!

Here is my list of some of my favorite characters which have been killed off over the years, and which have cost me couple liters of tears!
1) Will Gardner: Anyone who regularly watches “The Good Wife” know this by now that Will Gardner dies in the crossfire in a courtroom shooting. Saying that it was a shocking twist is a major understatement. Even though Will Gardner was a fictitious character he was one of my favorite people on TGW. Josh Charles did a marvelous job as Will Gardner, by being a tough and shrewd lawyer and as vulnerable guy who is in love with a woman he can’t have. The amazing chemistry between Will and Alicia made the show fun to watch for me, whether they were lovers or fighting in the court. The only thing good about the Sunday night’s episode was that he and Alicia were able to smile and be civil in their last meeting together. It will take me a while to get over this death!
2) Lexie Grey: Chyler Leigh did a great job of portraying Lexie Grey which made her one of the most likable characters in Grey’s Anatomy. She added a funny and sweet element to the highly charged emotional drama. And what a way to kill her…! Jeez…dying in a plane crash.
3) Mark Sloan: Mark Sloan in Grey’s Anatomy was truly one of the good male characters for me and not just because he’s an amazing eye candy. A playboy who falls hard for a girl much younger than him and changes himself for the better for her….Sigh! His character as a playboy and as Derek’s and Callie’s best friend was done quite well. His last couple of episodes in Grey’s were quite heart-breaking, with him being in and out of coma. Obviously I am over his death now, but Grey’s Anatomy isn’t quite the same after him and Lexie.

Grey’s Anatomy is well known for killing off characters, including George O’Malley in a horrible bus accident. But killing Lexie and Mark was the last straw for me, and that was the end of Grey’s for me. I couldn’t handle any more of that nonsensical drama! Downton Abbey is another show which has been killing people off every season with Matthew Crowley and Lady Sybill. It seems that killing of good characters is a great way to increase the ratings for those couple of episodes or season finales.

TV shows are not the only ones who kill off favorite characters; authors do the same thing in the books. At least with TV there’s always the excuse of the actor moving on to the next project, with books it just feels more heart-breaking because it seems so senseless J. K Rowling (author of Harry Potter) is the print equivalent of Shonda Rhimes (creator of Grey’s drama). We have lost a lot of good characters in Harry Potter – who made me shed tears every single time- Dumbledore, Sirius Black, Snape, Fred Weasely and my favorite Dobby, to name a few.

Every time I tell myself not to get caught up in these characters because they will break my heart…but I don’t learn the lesson. But how do you enjoy a book or a show if you aren’t vested in the character’s well being?? Oh well…farewell my characters until you are replaced with new favorites!


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