“Dream as if you’ll live forever, and live as if you’ll die today”. I remember reading this beautiful line years ago when I had no idea about the meaning of dreams and when dreams and life meant the same thing. Today, years older this line takes on new significance, when dreams want to take me on a different path than life does. But somewhere in between I think we (destiny and dreams) try and achieve a balance to make everyone happy. At the expense of sounding pompous, I feel as if I always wanted to do things differently than others. Though my aspirations were less grand when I was in India, being independent does something to you. I am one of those people who want to live life on my own terms. Until I find someone who is willing to take me with all my baggage or someone who makes me want to bend my rules, I am going to go about fulfilling my aspirations. Of course, I need a 9am-5pm job to fund my dreams, but after 5, I want to live in my world!

So here’s my short to-do/aspirations list. Read it if you have patience for it, maybe you can get some ideas of your own and share if you want to.

1)      Have my parents by my side when I see the pyramids in Egypt, volcanoes in Hawaii and Northern Lights in Alaska.

2)      Have a big library/study room of my own with bookshelves full of books. Then maybe one day I could say I have read them all.

3)      Get over my fear of speeds, so that I can drive and then travel more

4)      Learn an Indian classical dance

5)      Write more blogs and maybe write a book someday- I can imagine my parents beaming with pride when they read my book!!

6)      Have my own business, to sustain my expensive habits like writing, reading and eating in good restaurants

7)      Adopt a baby girl

8)      Adopt a dog

9)      Help educate/teach young kids

10)   Visit some beautiful libraries like the ones at Oxford

11)   Learn to swim so that I can see more of the world.

12)   Biggest and the most difficult aspiration, live my life without regrets and own up to my decisions.

I think the list is good enough for now. I can increase the list on the fly; as life teaches me new lessons and gives me more experiences on the way.


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