The Rosie Project

What is love? It could be when you break rules for someone without realizing it, or it could be when you just let your partner do what they want in the hope that they will come back to you someday, or it could be nothing of this sort and just be an indefinable emotion. Writing a love story is a simple enough fiction and a nerd falling for a beautiful girl isn’t a new plot, it has been done before countless times. But author Graeme Simsion has handled this love story subtly and in often comic ways in his sweet novel, “The Rosie Project”.  

The hero of the book is a text book description of a nerd right down to his exact minute. He seemed a bit like a combination of Sheldon and Leonard from “The Big Bang Theory”. He’s very different from others around him, and knows that he’s an ultra geek and he’s willing to change and shuffle his priorities a bit to find the right girl. Rosie on the other hand, is everything that our hero shouldn’t fall for, but nonetheless he does-in his own bumbling trampling way.

The story isn’t a surprise, you know how the book is going to end, and you still want to read it-that in my opinion is the hall mark of a well written book-when the author makes you want to read it, in spite of knowing the book. The Rosie Project offers no surprises, just sweet feel-good love story, which once in a while everyone needs to read and maybe believe in.


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