Year-end gratitude


The end of a year means holiday season almost everywhere, more so in US with just a month between Thanksgiving holidays and Christmas and New Year. End of a year means something different for everyone. There are some who get super happy at the end of every year, and some like me, who refuse to let go of the year, and some who will celebrate just because it is expected out of them. I used to be in the third category when I was younger, and now with the realization that with every passing year I am getting older, I have moved in the second category, “usually being melancholy at the thought of another year gone by.”

My justification: with every passing year, the amount of time I have to accomplish everything I want is decreasing. More so, because almost everything on my list is just for me and trying to accomplish all that before I get married is like running a race and right now I am losing badly. Every year I cross off things off my list, and then everyday new goals appear on my list, so at this rate things are not going too well! While I will never be able to achieve everything on my to-do list, I am hoping I will get at least the important things done.

But in the mean-time it is important to be humble and thankful for all that has been given to us and achieved by us. After all when do you say you have achieved enough, there will always be more things on the to-do list and more places on the to-go list. So here is my “thankful list”.

1)      Family: they say one cannot choose their own family, and I am so happy and thankful to god for choosing this family for me! They are the ones who love me unconditionally and accept me with all my faults. I am very proud to say everything that is good within me was given to me by my parents.

2)      Friends: Then they also say you choose your friends, but I am thankful and happy that my friends chose me! They are the ones I turn to when I am so far away from home and I am happy to say that the best of them have never disappointed me.

3)      Good health: thankful to say that I have been lucky where physical health is concerned. Mental well-being is another issue and I have no-one to blame for my craziness!! J

4)      Education: There can never be enough gratitude for all those who have taught me, from my parents and kindergarten teachers to my mentors at work. This basic necessity is denied to millions. It is my hope that someday I can do help other young people and brighten their future with education.

5)      Thankful that I have never been judged for my origins or my nationality.

6)      Ability and means to dream: everyone has dreams, but not everyone is provided with means to fulfill them. I am eternally grateful that I am given not just the ability to dream but the strength and means to go after them.

7)      Freedom and independence: Billions of women in the world are denied even the basic freedom of stepping out of their house without a male chaperone. I am very thankful that I have always been given the freedom to be my own person.

There are many more things I am thankful for, but they would all be useless without this basic foundation which makes life worth living. But don’t forget those less privileged than you, and if nothing try to bring a smile to someone’s face just by being nice and kind.



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