God like status

So last month or so Sachin Tendulkar announced to the world that he’s retiring from professional cricket after one last game in Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. On hearing this, most of the Indians across the globe had a shock and lost their will to live!! So in the couple of weeks leading up to the last match which happened today people are flooding their Facebook pages, and twitter pages and other XYZ pages with “Sachin God” messages. These mournful messages will probably last some more weeks and ruin my facebook experience. I am sure he has never asked to be called ‘God’!

While he’s an amazing player and probably one of the best cricketers ever to grace our planet earth, there is nothing god-like about him. Indians love putting people on a pedestal, especially people who are really not excelling at anything other than their required field. Actors like Sachin Tendulkar-yes most of our cricketers are now actors by doing unlimited endorsements- and Rajnikant are considered gods. My point of contention isn’t against anyone’s athletic skills just against calling mere cricketers and actors gods. For that matter, what has the so-called God done to help the society in general or even help sports other than cricket? As such a well-loved and influential cricketer I am sure he could use his position to help further other sports in India. Maybe help those poor sportsmen whom the government doesn’t fund or help in any way, who try and compete in international events like the Olympics and Asian games.

We have so many other ordinary human beings in India doing extraordinary deeds and good work. Why don’t we call the woman who was gang raped as a young girl and who is now rehabilitating other young girls like her, a goddess? Why don’t we acknowledge the men and women who are helping educate or saving young kids everyday, sometimes at the expense of their own lives? Or even acknowledge those teachers in small villages who are trying to teach the future generations of the country. I guess these role models aren’t inspirational because they probably aren’t making the big bucks as our cricketers are doing, so why would we consider them “good inspirational human beings!”


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