Just young not adult

Before the City of Bones, Vampire Academies, Hunger Games and Harry Potters…there was Enid Blyton- Famous Five, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys-at least for me! Only in those days it was called teenage fiction and not young adult or YA; as it is more popularly known to many.

That was when the teenage books were written about adventures at school or with friends at your family island. Teenage books were about finding lost treasure or solving a small town mystery not about falling in love at age of 14 with vampires and saving the world! I remember reading my first Nancy Drew called Password in Larkspur Lane at age 10 and being so fascinated with this 18-year old girl detective. I admit Nancy had a boy-friend, but that didn’t come until later books and it was always so subtle. It was so much fun being 13 and discussing the handsome Ned Nickerson with your friends. A little later I started reading Hardy Boys which none of my girlfriends liked but I loved them, especially Frank Hardy.

I could probably not re-read Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys again, but I could re-read Enid Blyton any time at any age. My favourite Enid Blyton series were Malory Towers and Five-find outers. Malory Towers follows a group of girls at a girls’ school called St. Clare’s and has six books in the series. It follows the main heroine Darrell Rivers from age 12-18. The book consists of her friendships, pranks and journey through school. It is something that any teenage girl could relate to, but I especially found it fun because I went to a convent school just like Darrell Rivers. Five-find outers was another favorite series consisting of a group of kids who solve small-town mysteries.

These books had fun, mystery, characters and above all innocence found only in a 14-year old. These books were not of a 16-year old trying to kill kids like in Hunger Games. The series which was closest to the old style was Harry Potter. It was full of fun, adventure, magic and still innocence on so many levels. These days everywhere you turn there is a new young adult urban fantasy book coming out next month! Urban fantasy genre is a lot of fun to read, but not with a teenage kid trying to behave like a 30-year old and saving the world. There are good coming of age books out there like “Tell the wolves I’m home”, but they are few and far in between. How about we leave the world saving and falling seriously in love to adults and let the young adults be just young!


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