Hopeless Romantic…

What is love? I often find myself asking this question. Even as a young girl I never believed in the concept of ‘love at first sight’ unlike many of my 14-15 year old girl friends. I have always thought, love is that which grows gradually in your heart until you realize one day that life is so beautiful with that person in it. Love starts with friendship and then grows into something deeper but the foundation of friendship is very important.

Is it a chemical cocktail of feel good endorphins or is it lust filled feeling or both or some combination of both? It is said that nobody is more selfish than two people in love and that one in love is often the most selfless of people. Love is all of this and so much more. Is it still considered love if you cannot be with the one person you would want to be? What about unrequited love? I always felt that the unrequited one was the most selfless kind of love, where you feel that if not with you, that person could be happy with someone as long as he/she is happy. Does that make one a doormat? I don’t know, but the unrequited ones always tug my heart strings. There is something so true and pure about it, but the brutal pain is probably not what anyone would want.

Growing up I always felt I wanted the kind of love that my parents shared, the steady flow of warmth, trust and respect for each other. The kind of love where you are 70 years old and still manage to hold hands and talk to each other as if there is something new to be learned about each other! Does that make me a hopeless romantic? Probably yes, but if we cannot hold onto love and compassion in this brutal world then there isn’t much to be said about being a human.